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Wall Defender Minecraft

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April 10th, 2015



Wall Defender is involved in a young man who has strayed in a dull island for many days. Do you wonder what he needs to do for rescuing himself from here? It’s clear that your experience, capacities and smartness will be necessary for his journey to get out of here. Go now!

Guys! According to you, which strategy he should use to survive from dangers until the exit is found? He just uses the only weapon: a diamond sword, and the island is empty. Following that, there is no strategy here. Just activate this sword to confront the dangers. Green creepers are all what he must cope with. Be sharp-eyed, swift-fingered, and clever to control the weapon so that he can hit and beat up the enemies as soon as possible. If they come close to him and touch him, he will lose one life, remember!

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Wall Defender Minecraft Walkthrough


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