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3D Flight Simulator

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October 20th, 2018

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3D flight simulator is a real-time aircraft flying experience. It gives the player an unreal experience of going through all the stages of flying an air-plane. You get to manage all the controls of your aircraft simultaneously to learn how to fly!

This can be quite a task! Master your hand-eye coordination through this game where you need to extensively multi-task. You can choose your favourite one to fly from seven different aircraft along with a location of your choice.

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The game simulates a real-time flying experience and hence includes a combination of all the features of an aircraft that one needs to control.

  • The aircraft can be started by turning the engine on with the control key E.
  • Once the engine is turned on, you need to control the throttle by switching between 0 and 9 keys. Increase the throttle holding the 0 key.
  • Hold the down key to take flight. Then balance between the up and down arrows to control the plane.
  • Control the pitch using W and Q keys to attain speed or slow down.
  • Use the G key to activate the landing gear to land your aircraft safely.
Get all set to enjoy a surreal flight!

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3D Flight Simulator Walkthrough


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