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August 10th, 2019



BomBom.io is an interesting game where your level of destruction decides your score. You get to ride a place which automatically drops bombs on to the city. All you have to do is move around the city to ensure that your bombs destroy major part of the city. Also make sure that your bombs do not get wasted on a single spot invoking lesser destruction. The controls are smooth and easy to excel. Spread and distribute the bombs around the city to mark your destruction category high around the city to score more.

More Info:
You can play BomBom.io unblocked on our Cool Math Games website. If you enjoyed playing it, you should take a look at our similar games Archnemesis.io


Use “WASD” or “Arrow” keys to control the plane’s navigation. You can also hold and drag “Left Mouse Button” to control the plane’s navigation.

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