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When Minecraft Meets Mario

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March 27th, 2015



Mario once again appears in Minecraft world. He is so curious about it. How about you? Have you ever thought that how dangerous this world is? Don’t stand there and guess. Let’s play When Minecraft Meets Mario and make a practical journey with him now. Look! Mario is in front of the gate. Hurry up to take him to different places and discover secrets in the world. Along the way, players need to be cautious with obstacles and terrible enemies. Try to help him jump on platforms well to go up. Pay attention to lava pits and many big gaps. Once falling into one of them, the players have to start that level again. Remember, don’t hit any bad creature also. In level 4, Mario’s brother will come with him. Please be clever to control them at the same time, guys. Enjoy!

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When Minecraft Meets Mario Walkthrough


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